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Services : Website & Hosting

With each package we include several key features which compliment your current website in helping to build a database of new clients and buyers.

One of the things that really sets Media M apart from every other "local advertising" company is the fact that we provide you a custom lead generation page specifically designed to capture your potential customers contact information. This process allows use to create a database for your company so we can implement some of our email and mobile marketing techniques to create repeat customers and higher ROI for your business...

Professionally Designed Lead Gen Website

The Best Dentist

When you utilize our local marketing services we create you a customized lead generation page which allows us to build an online database of your potential customers. We take every aspect of your business into consideration when designing these pages so that we can get the highest conversation percentage possible. These pages are not meant to replace your companies current website, in fact, once a lead is generated we redirect the potential customer to your current website.

This process allows us to "tweak" the process as well as the lead generation page on the fly. With your help we will laser in on exactly who your customers are and where we can find them. At that point collection their contact information is a key step so that we can help your business grow from email and mobile marketing efforts by our advertising team. It's proven that staying in touch with your customers creates repeat business so we simply make sure you take advantage of it.

Fast & Reliable Hosting

Fast and Reliable

We provide you your own custom domain name on our blazing fast servers

One thing we do that really helps your business grow is register your own new domain name for your lead generation page. This allows us to manage and tweak the process without ever touching your main business website. We'll host this on our state of the art hosting servers to ensure 100% up time during our extensive marketing efforts.

Drive Traffic

Drive Traffic

We drive traffic to your lead gen website through promotion

Once your lead generation website is live we begin the advertising process. Our Media M advertising team will go to work finding your potential customers on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook and other social network platforms. The real key here is driving these potential customers to your new lead generation page to build a database you can continue to market to.

Build a Database

Build a Database

With this traffic you will find customers that are interested in your services

This is probably the most important aspect of what we do at Media M. Being able to click one "send" button and reach you customers and potential customers with new offers and discounts is vital to your success and growth. At Media M we know exactly how important building a customer database is so we make it the most important part in the processes we implement for your business.