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Facebook Ad Management

Posted by:Anthony Morrison Dated:September 29, 2015

Facebook has transformed how we think about marketing and how we make our businesses grow. If you know how to advertise on Facebook you can easily generate customers and exposure for far less than traditional advertising like Billboards and Magazines.


There are MANY companies that “claim” to be able to do your Facebook marketing for you, however, you need someone who actually knows all the ins and outs of the Facebook Advertising platform. It’s very easy for two different advertisers to promote the same business and have completely different costs associated with their campaigns.

Simply put MediaM gets you MORE EXPOSURE for LESS MONEY

How do we do it? Our Co-Founder, Adrian Morrison, is regarded by Facebook as one of their top advertisers. In fact, he was invited by Facebook to their corporate offices and asked to sign their “Facebook Wall”

Adrian, on behalf of MediaM and its clients, generates almost 14,000,000 impressions (ad views) and over 500,000 clicks to clients’ websites each and every month. Adrian is currently managing over $85,000 per month in advertising spent on Facebook’s marketing platform.

Why would you want someone else doing your marketing on Facebook?

What we offer is unique simply because NOBODY else has Adrian on their team managing your campaign for you.

  • fb_add_pic01
    Adrian Morrison at
    Facebook Headquarters
  • We spent over $86,000 in 1 month!
    We generated over 13 MILLION
    views for our clients!

Facebook Ads Setup & Management

The Media M team set’s up your advertising account and implements our strategies and techniques to reduce your cost of advertising on the Facebook Ads platform. We do everything from create your keyword portfolio to writing your ad copy, in fact, we even set your geo targeting criteria so you’re reaching only potential customers with your ads.

  • Your Ad Shows Up On Facebook
  • Get More Qualified Customers In Your Store
  • Complete Campaign Creation & Management
  • Optimized By Your Media M Team To Reduce Your Cost